Anolin Truehold

Elf Male level 9 Fighter


He stands fairly tall for an elf at 5tf10 with red shoulder length hair and deep brown eyes. Initially he was seen wearing dark brown leather armour with green dyed inlays depicting holly leaves. Now that there is no point in hiding it though he wears his banded armour with the black tabard and red sword insignia of Polandara over it. He also wears a grey wool cloak, with a hood and carries a kite shield with a plain grey cloth covering the hides beneath. He seems to carry spare cloths to replace this when it gets damaged as it never seems to be sewn or mended.


Well you haven’t seen much of him that’s for sure but you know he lives there. He has the smallest of the upstairs rooms and is the furthest from the loft. He seems to pull guard duty fairly often and with his good night vision is often out of the house when you are around. His dark red hair doesn’t seem a natural colour, but then who knows with elves anyway? Ever since the tournament things have been even colder with him. He knocked a lot of the other fighters out and it seems he wasn’t even using his best equipment. The equipment he’s kept quiet for a whole 4 years you’ve spent training with him. It seems he doesn’t get included in the cooking any more as no one wishes to eat with him or anything he’s cooked.

Anolin Truehold

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