Ariela "Silver-Hawk"

Elven Female Level 8 Fighter


Her long silver hair is her most noticeable feature, her eyes are also silver though which is unusual among her people but not unheard of. She stands at five and a half feet tall though is more often than not seen looking down from her horse. She wears traditional platemail armour with her family crest on the shoulder pieces.


She was one of the first wave of followers that arrived in the compound for Polandara and it’s not that she hasn’t tried for advancement it’s more that it hasn’t stuck. She’s been a sergeant a couple of times now and led a few of the attacks but never managed to hold on to the glory. She’s just somewhat average and more a doer than a leader. She is dependable though and a good person to have your back, using the traditional elven weapons and at times a lance, when it’s appropriate

Ariela "Silver-Hawk"

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