Arkhail Shield Breaker

Human Male. Level 12 Fighter


He’s an unimposing man, of average height and build but of towering intellect. He doesn’t tend to wear armour or carry weapons when not at war and you wouldn’t know he was in an army


Arkhail was just a normal grunt, a nobody really. Then when taking a fort one time he captured a ballista and turned it inwards, adjusted the aim and started shooting at the other siege weapons. That earned him instant promotion to sergeant and since then he’s been in charge of all the engineering. He’s had no real training but has shown a natural aptitude. If something needs to be broken through, be it a shield wall or a fortification, he will break it. He has manufactured some catapults that are quick assembly and transportable in wagon form by several horses. They seem to work fairly well but then sieges aren’t that common so they’ve never had a full test.

Arkhail Shield Breaker

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