Human Male level 2 fighter


So how does he fit in? Well he’s well over six and a half foot tall, maybe closer to seven and he has shoulders as broad as an ox. It took a good year to find a suit of armour that could be modified to fit him. His weapon of choice seems to be an iron staff though. It was his only possession when he arrived in the city other than the clothes on his back. He has a thick black beard and shaggy dark hair and is probably in his mid twenties. It’s fairly hard to tell though.


He’s a new trainee much like you. He turned up in the docks one day and started looking for a fighter’s guild. He was disappointed in the structure of Waterdeep but when he saw all the warriors walking around with the same tabard on he started trying to find the order. Of course that was Polandara’s army and they are always recruiting. From what he has shared of his past you know he has spent a lot of it at sea, but he doesn’t say too much. It’s fairly likely that he has been involved in some illegal activity but he is doing his best to make amends now. He probably would have done well in the tournament if he hadn’t been injured before hand. Of course he didn’t seek medical attention before it started and was in no real condition to fight.


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