Human Male, level 1 Fighter


Possibly the most irritating person in the house, always seems to think he’s right and will never listen to your improvements. He used all the credits he’s amassed since joining to upgrade his armour to full plate, with his mouth he needs all the protection he can get.


Its takes a lot for him to consider he’s wrong on something and Wren has come to blows with him before in anger. He did eventually concede that point but then he’s a good six inches shorter than her. He’s not unpleasant, just a young man who thinks he knows it all, and he never means any ill by anything he does. He just has this way of saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time. Despite his lack of height he also fights with a Claymore, though he only had one lesson from Poladara before she decided someone else’d better teach him. He always leaves the door to his room open and it’s always a mess inside. Its either a very crafty anti-theft mechanism or he was born in a barn.


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