Human Male. Level 9 Rogue, Level 12 Fighter


Unassuming to look at he wears studded armour and carries a silver coloured longsword across his back. He has blonde hair and mismatched eyes, one of blue and the other of green. He has a somewhat shifty smile on his face a lot of the time, as if he knows more than you do


His past isn’t much talked about but you know he’s served time for something. He has a great head for figures though and he monitors all the trade in and out of the compound. It was his idea to set up the Credits system and that’s what got him his first promotion to Sergeant. Since then he has instigated a trade deal with Candle Keep, improved the productivity of the farms and increased the size of the wagons used in order to cut tax owed on the imports and exports. He also managed to find time to make a reputation as a Giant Slayer and carries a longsword made of Dwarven Mythril as a reward for those actions. Some of the members in the compound pledge their allegiance to Polandara because he follows her rather than from her deeds. What ever his past was his present is very beneficial.


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