Human Femal level ?? Thief


Middle aged woman with a respectable presence about her she is always seen dressed in black, when she is in fact seen. Her hair is jet black but hasn’t always been that way, implying that she’s dying it either to establish her position as head of the Black Cats or simply due to vanity.


She has a history with Draft and the large thieves guild that runs the sewers in Waterdeep. However when Faun started working through his “List” she left the city and set up elsewhere, implying that she may be somehow involved in his past. She runs a crew of house breakers, mimicking the position that Draft held within Waterdeep. In order to cover for her poor fighting prowess when she is not working she is accompanied by a large Half Orc fighter, who doesn’t speak and no one seems to know his name


The Four Cynic Cynic