Clayn Kertriaus "Rose Bringer Spell Dance Kin"

Elf Male level 9 mage level 10 thief


He dresses the part well, tight leggings, poet’s shirt and a black cape no one would know he was a serious magician or a talented thief. His golden hair is unusually short, a reminder for his past deeds, but he doesn’t say whether it was the elves or thieves that did that.


“A sun elf he really embodies the emotional side of his race, he likes to have fun and is not really welcome in Evermeet anymore. It was just one of those things, she was attractive and looking for fun too, she just happened to be a gold elf noble. They certainly didn’t plan for her pregnancy and as much as he wanted to stay and raise the child her family had other plans. Those plans actually involved his death but luckily such things just aren’t done. Sir Gisbon took pity on him and employed him in the embassy in Waterdeep but found him somewhat unreliable. They agreed mutually that he would seek his own employment in Waterdeep and with his skills he wound up in the thieves guild. Now they’re not much known for their fun loving approach to life, and he didn’t really belong. After all through all his carelessness he’s never wanted to harm anyone and that meant he didn’t fit in. Sand was actually the one that rescued him, found him in a cell beneath the city where he’d been left to starve. After hearing his story, and having a moan about careless elves he returned Clayn to the Fire Mead where he now resides, not that he spends many nights on board but he does at least spend the days there.”

His reputation in the theives guild is staggering, he was considered dangerous, the above story is what has been spread. He was a ruthless killer and capable of wanton destruction. He protected Draft when she was young, along with several other girls within the guild, but not hurting girls was about the only line he didn’t cross. The act he’s most known for is paralysing and burning a fellow guild member in the meeting hall for insulting him and going un punished because the leaders were too scared to say anything.

The nightmares in his meditation led him to want to change and he openly talked about leaving the guild. They drugged him and then tortured him before leaving him to starve, as none of them wanted to be the one to pronounce his death sentance.

He’s the most feared person by members of the guild and also former members, except Draft, who is grateful of what he’s done for her and knows about his nightmares. She has slept with him from time to time and he is the only man she will let be intimate with her due to her distrust of everyone else. They are not a couple, just a convienience

Clayn Kertriaus "Rose Bringer Spell Dance Kin"

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