Human Female level 10 fighter


She stands about 5ft6t but is still growing, this young girl is either seen in Half Plate armour or pretty coloured dresses. She traditionally fights with a short sword and a buckler. But she’s also adept with a staff, warhammers, long swords, claymores and throwing axes.


“She’s much too young to be fighting” that’s all you ever hear said about her. Thing is she’s taken down quite a few people with more experience than her. She was the shock winner of the tournament in the year she graduated. She was 14 at the time. She didn’t come from the streets, she hasn’t been fighting all her life she’s just a natural. A cooper raised her, her father was successful and she was well provided for. She did all right at school, but not too amazing. She decided she was going to become a guard but apparently she was too young to start training at the age for ten. She decided that wasn’t the case, lied about her age and joined Polandara’s army. She progressed fast but there was always suspicion about her age. Still when she was out performing people five or six years older than her self it was never really raised. Her parents stood by, sure it was just a phase, sure that she’d come home. But that never happened, by the age of sixteen she was working with many of the leaders within the compound and leading training exercises. This has led to her establishing her own faction within the compound, pretty much by accident. They call themselves Band Of Hawk’s


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