Daniel Clearglade

(Human Male level 1 thief) Deceased


The young man has dark hair that seems to fall over his eyes when he’s acting bashful. Those that know him are aware it’s an act at least as ladies always seem compelled to push that hair aside. He came from money but his clothes don’t reflect that, now he wears a simple white shirt and brown leather leggings.


When your father owns that much land its hard to know what to do with your days. So to pass the time Daniel took up gambling. He was good, too good, too noticed. He made a lot of powerful enemies very quickly, and he suddenly found himself spending his father’s money just to keep him safe. When his father found out about this he assumed that he’d lost the money and immediately cut off his funds. Obviously the young man ran away, that’s the only way you could explain finding him in an alley playing “find the lady” for coppers. Well his talent was clear and Gerum immediately took him under his wing. Soon he became a more permanent fixture on the ship and ended up being part of the furniture. His skill level has been growing too. In fact you’d hardly recognise the dark haired youngster to the boy that was brought in just two years ago. He favours the throwing dagger but is capable in a knife fight if needed.

Daniel Clearglade

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