Human Female Level 1 Fighter


She keeps her dark hair cropped fairly short but there is no disguising the fact she is a woman. She either wears her chainmail when she’s working, but when she isn’t she follows Waterdeep fashion, but she always finds some way to incorporate her shortsword in the outfit. She stands just over five and a half feet when she’s in her work clothes and a bit taller than that when she’s dressed for fun.


The Waterdeep native was brought up by her father a house builder, she spent her childhood watching tournaments at the arena in boredom until the year Polandara entered. She suddenly found a reason to watch, a fighter that was so much more exciting to watch than the other opponents, flamboyant in her armour choice and dominant despite being a lady fighting against only male opponents. That’s when she started following Polandara, it just became more official when she was old enough to join the compound.


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