Human Female level 8 Monk


What do you call a tomboy that has grown up to remain much the same as an adult? What ever you call it that’s what Darreva is. While her figure pronounces her a woman her hair is kept at a practical length, her appearance is secondary and she doesn’t really act that lady like


Always in trouble, always places she shouldn’t be. Darreva was the quintessential tomboy growing up and no school could ever hold her. Mostly cause school didn’t have enough physical activity for her, she didn’t have the attention span to just sit there and read about life when she could be out there living it. It’s amazing how many parents think a monastery will tame their wayward children but also return them back wanting to live the same life. Darreva was sent to the Monastery in the mountains and the solitude and daily schedule did her good. It also interested her in Martial Arts and that’s an interest she’s not lost. She has put everything into becoming the perfect physical monk. She trains longer and harder than everyone else and injuries don’t slow her down. She has specialised in the art of Muay Thai learning the different moves from others in the Mist Dragon. Upon her return to Waterdeep it didn’t take her long to find the place she belonged. It wasn’t in the merchant district with her family. It was in an out of place building by the city gates with the Order.


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