Hobgoblin Female Level 3 Fighter


Dark red fur and blood red eyes are probably the most distinguishing features, not that many people see the eyes because she is a hobgoblin after all and that draws most of the attention. Actually people normally see less than that, when she walks around the human society she wears full plate and a visored helm. She carries a Halberd with a black metal blade on the end and a composite longbow with a quiver of sheaf arrows.


Her life was spared by a group of adventurers, she didn’t understand why the spared her just that they did. When she tried to track them down she had trouble getting close to the city so she sent a messenger for them and a couple came out to meet her. She told them that after her life was spared she was exiled from her people but also that she didn’t want to return, she wanted to make people feel safe. So Dani Tellguard smuggled her into the city and had a set of armour made so that she could move around if she wanted to. She wants to pay back this debt as well as that of having her life spared.


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