Dona Astorio "Astor"

Human Female Level 5 Thief


Blond hair, blue eyes and disarming smile the young lady seems to waltz through life at her own pace. She wears dresses and fashionable boots when she’s in the city, but studded leather and a plain brown travelling cloak while she’s out in the wilderness, the place she is most comfortable. She is adept with both a shortbow and a crossbow and carries a fine selection of throwing daggers, it’s possible that there are other weapons hidden in those knee high boots she wears but that’s not been confirmed.


She was raised as a thief, a profession that has run through her family for several generations. Its not one she’s ever been overly happy with until she heard of certain members of Tani’s crew. She was torn between approaching the captain herself or one of the more adventurous members. In the end she decided to approach Wraith as he’d been the one who spent most time in the wilds, the one who was at least claiming to be a scout.



Dona Astorio "Astor"

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