(Human Female level 12 thief)


A plain looking woman who wears plain clothes and carries no visible weapon. Her hair isn’t blonde or brown, it’s somewhere in between and her eyes are somewhere between grey and green. You wouldn’t pick her out in a crowd.


She’s known as Draft because there’s no known way of sealing a room to keep her out. An expert with the lockpicks and seemingly able to avoid all traps she was a big player in the guild in the sewers. She didn’t like being there though, and turned. At least this is how it seems. Though she’s the most powerful member of the crew besides Tani herself she doesn’t carry any particular authority. Maybe Tani is waiting for her to prove herself. She’s generally distrusted but at the same time she has to be respected. Needless to say she doesn’t spend much time socialising, unless its to train, or point out a flaw.


The Four Cynic Cynic