Eilrad "Blue Leaf"

Elven Male Level ? Ranger


He stands just under five and a half feet tall with black hair and pale skin. His pale blue eyes are always alert. He wears a suit of black leather armour and two sickles hang from his belt. A longbow is slung across his back most of the time with a quiver and a waterskin but other than that he travels light without even a cloak.


He’s been the leader of the small group of elves for over a hundred years now with his lover Kornae “Blackwisper” their son Ridyr “Spear Bringer” and their friends Kalasali “Dragon Wild Shadow” and Lalys “Night Breeze”. As a ranger he is the most able to survive alone of the group and is often the scout, hunter or messenger while Lalys “Night Breeze” looks after the camp.

Eilrad "Blue Leaf"

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