Evin Carter

Human male Level 8 Monk


Human male
Age 23
Height 6’1’’
Weight 10.5 St.
Slim toned build
Dark brown hair
Green eyes

Father = Aaron
Mother = Elizabeth

Birthday = 15th of the 5th


As the son of a tavern owner, he has always heard of the stories of others fighting deeds, and dreamed of doing more than just succeeding his father as the next owner of the family tavern.
While working the tavern floor clearing tables, he has seen plenty of drunks have a go at each other, and a few not so drunk. It has always intrigued him how some drunks manage to beat even the more sober people (some with more fluke than skill) with the way the occasional misstep makes them dodge a stray punch, and they seem to be more able to take a punch than the more sober person they are fighting, ok they generally loose, but there is potential in the way they move and maybe if he can learn to fight, he can figure out how to use this somehow.

Living in the tavern has other benefits, he can speak 2 languages now, common and Elven. And there’s always the pretty women hanging around looking for a good time.

Though Evin does seem to have a knack for making friends and getting people to talk about their adventures, the stories he hears just make him wish for more than the life of a tavern owner.

At the age of 17, determined to do something more meaningful with his life than just taking over the family business, Evin decides to go to the monastery to learn to fight, maybe he can fulfil his dreams of finding some new fighting style hidden in the movements of a drunkard, maybe he can find a way to be the person in the tales he so loved to hear at the taverns and inns. Maybe he will just find contentment in the path he has chosen for himself, rather than the one pushed on to him by society and his family.

Dave’s notes

Evin Carter

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