Gerum “Glue Fingers” Kelton

Human Male level 9 thief


Blond hair, blue eyes and able to fit in just about anywhere he’s just that face in the crowd on the sword coast. Even if you know him he could walk right past you and you’d never know.


Some people were born curious and Gerum was one of these. If a pouch looks full he wants to know what’s in it. At least that’s how he used to be. He spent 3 years breaking rocks and his attitude seems to have changed from that. Trouble is the old guild didn’t want to let him go. He’s to be considered a success story for Tani, and also a target for his old friends. He knows a lot of useful information though, and if something needs to be bought or sold, he’s your man.

Gerum “Glue Fingers” Kelton

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