Gillena Soulheal

Human Oriental Female level 14 Monk


Quiet, but worried about being misunderstood can cause that. Gillena is from the oriental lands and that makes her stand out. Her beautiful jet black hair is her most stunning feature without a doubt but there is compassion and intelligence behind her eyes that can be seen by any choosing to look.


She says she had a vision of the Mist Dragon and was told to travel to the Monastery. If that’s the truth she must have left her homelands before the building was even owned by the order. She brings with her a different art style to the others, focused around her weapon the Naginata. Being able to apply vital strikes from the relatively safety is surely an advantage but she is somewhat reliant on the pole arm. Currently she is looking to establish her own Monastery but it will be part of the order. She’s always polite but sometimes the language barrier makes her seem distant.

Gillena Soulheal

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