Female Swanmay Level 7 Ranger


A beautiful lady who seems to spend her time around the parks within the city who happens to hold a badly kept secret. She is not human, she’s a Swanmay and though that being public knowledge normally causes problems the fact she’s part of Polandara Larin’s group seems to keep that danger at bay. She is unusual in that she has dark hair whilst human and black feathers whilst in her swan form. She wears a black cloak with feathers attached and her corset seems to be maid of tiny black leather scales. She wears skirts and scarfs of different bright colours and thing gauss material and her feet are always bare. She definitely carries her self with noble pride and a mystical air.


She was one of Polandara‘s first followers to arrive that wasn’t part of Laressa‘s mercenary group. Her child hood story follows that of her leaders in many parallels but she didn’t have the capability for violence or stamina for travel that Polandara Larin had. Because of this link there is an almost sisterly relationship between the two and her knowledge of nature is always at Polandara’s disposal. Despite her animal form being so distinct she is still able to move through the natural world much easier than many of the members of the compound and she is normally part of the scouting group. She has some sort of connection with the mysterious elf who lives near to the park she spends most of her time but is not one she ever discusses with others. She is also friendly with Umbra, Melody Kellek and Laranthan Sweetsong


The Four Cynic Cynic