Granite Firehold

Dwarf Male. Level 15 Fighter


Red hair, red beard, broad shoulders and plate armour. That is all most see of this officer but his voice can be heard for miles. He carries a pick and a hammer, the tools of both his trade and the method he uses to make war


He brings experience and a few followers of his own. During the war with the followers of Shar his own group was fighting against a common foe as Polandara’s and though they lost a great deal of their number they survived against odds that seemed overwhelming. Polandara didn’t just offer him a place in the compound but an immediate position among her officers and he hasn’t disappointed. As you’d expect from his race he has good knowledge of certain foes and is skilled in front line fighting. He is found leading the Forlorn Hope most times and relishes the combat. By trade he is a stonemason and has brought many improvements to the compound since he moved in. It was his idea to strengthen the basements of the houses and join several together to form workshops. As all of his followers were also masons he has accomplished this feat very fast.

Granite Firehold

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