Human Male Level 1 Fighter


A dale lander through and through, dark blonde hair, blue eyes and tall muscled frame, he stands out in Waterdeep but he’d fit right in back home. He carries an old shortsword but his chainmail is new and always kept in good condition, as is the steel buckler.


His father died in the battle for the Dale lands, in a battle he was too young to fight in. His homestead was saved though by Polandara’s army, an army he wanted to join. He was told he was too young to join that too so he waited two years and then walked to Waterdeep. He was welcomed in to the compound when he told his tale and has trained hard since. He was 16 on the date of the tournament and maybe could have done better in it if he’d waited a few years. He still carries his fathers shortshort, despite having access to better equipment now, and he intends to use it to kill some Zhents one day.


The Four Cynic Cynic