Human Male level 6 Monk


About five and a half foot tall Grist is a fairly handsome young man. His hair is jet black and his eyes are of a blue green hue. He dresses in simple plain clothes and normally carries a quarter staff which he uses to help him with the long walks he often takes.


He grew up working for a merchant family as a scullion as his mother worked in their kitchens and he had a fairly happy life. His mother however had to retire with a sickness and his father had to sell their house for the cure, a cure which didn’t work. His mother died and his father decided that he was going to join a crew on one of the boats and just upped and left. So a few months ago he was made homeless and somewhat lost in terms of life goal. But that’s when he heard of the South Mist Monastery, or at least the attempts there were to build one. A stunningly beautiful, yet strange looking lady was helping one of the other homeless people of the city, not for a fee, but just because she could and he asked about her. The trail led back to the abandoned building by the docks and he sat outside, in the rain, waiting to be let in. After two days Gillena relented and he became her first follower.


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