Human Female level 9 Fighter


She’s fairly plain looking really, light brown hair which is well kept and plain brown green eyes but her voice can be quite convincing when she wants it to be. She stands about five and a half feet tall and is often dressed in plain clothes around the compound. She carries a steel staff with her at all times and certainly seems to know how to use it. When guarding or training she wears platemail, which has a copper inlaid symbol on the chest piece of a dove.


She comes from the Dale lands originally and she carries a lot of that in her character. She’s quiet most of the time but willing to accept any success as an excuse to celebrate. She doesn’t spend many of her credits at the tavern during normal times but they sure get used up during feast days, and not just on drinks for herself. She’s generous to a fault but she is careful to just stick to her turns on the rota for duties in the house, she doesn’t want to be taken advantage of.


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