Dwarf Male Level 3 Fighter


He comes from money, gold to be exact, and that very much reflects in his clothing. The dark haired dwarf wears Full Platemail when he’s fighting and a chain shirt with velvet clothing when he isn’t. He carries a fine steel Dwarven Axe and a shield that is large for him. His eyes are green and intelligent but he caries a great arrogance with him.


The first thing to note about Ignian is that he has housing outside of the compound. He owns a large house at the end of Horn Street in the north ward and retains staff there. He openly flaunts his wealth and tends not to apply for high paying jobs credit wise as he doesn’t need the luxuries they can bring.

He only knows the one weapon, not that he favours one but he has purely learnt to fight with the axe that has been passed down from generation to generation. It has led him to some success in the tournament, although his reliance on a single style was his undoing in the final. He’s not stingy with his wealth and due to that he has gained some popularity, though it has been noted that he is lazy due to it and you get the feeling the officers are watching him because of it. However he is reliable and has the never surrender attitude that certain people admire in a fighter.

It’s fair to say he has a strong dislike, almost a hatred of Anolin, someone who he feels made him look stupid by defeating him in the final of the Tournament. He’s not the only one who has this opinion as though Anolin stuck by the rules many believe his victory is tainted and that he somehow cheated all of them. Ignian has done all that he can to back this theory and may even be the cause of its very existance.


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