Jander Halfman

Half-Elf Male level 9 thief


One of those rare half elves that can grow facial hair the pointed ears and stubble immediately make him stand out. His eyes are mismatched, one blue, one green, and his hair is almost blonde naturally but died darker colours to match his stubble. Green studded leather and a bearskin cloak are his normal modes of dress, though he tends to dress in more common clothing while at sea.


He spent his youth being mocked for his blood, cast out as he was to save his mother the shame. He spent a lot of his life in the wilds, and had he been a bit less cynical he might well have wound up a ranger instead, but that’s not his nature, and nature is not for him. Its said few can match him with a blowgun or knife, and its probably true. Though Tani doesn’t really approve of the use of poison, his sleep draughts definitely save the lives of those you just want to avoid and not kill. Not that he’s willing to share them, or anything. Life gave nothing to him and he gives nothing back.

Jander Halfman

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