Human Female level 6 Bard


The flame haired youth is normally seen with Tani when she ventures off the ship, she doesn’t seem to be one for any sort of action and has a shyness about her. She never seems to be armed and wares a plain grey linen dress. The plainness of her clothing takes nothing away from her looks and her flame red hair always catches the attention of passers-by. Having seen the effects of a tight silk dress on her, or more importantly those around her it’s obvious why she doesn’t flaunt her beauty more often.


Jem is a young redhead who worked in the library at Candlekeep as a maid for her early teen years and learnt a lot of stories while there. She spends a lot of time on board the ship and while not the most powerful of Tani’s followers she’s probably the most respected. She doubles up as ships cook, which probably helps with that, but she also has amazing geographical knowledge and a detailed history of the sword coast. She possesses just one spell, Identify, which can help when Tani isn’t around and strange items are found.


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