Human Female level 1 monk - Deceased


He green eyes sparkle with the joy of life while her dark hair is always carefully braided to keep it up and out the way.


She always wanted to be a bard. She wanted to be able to entertain people, to lift them with her songs. She trained long and hard, even as a youth, for this goal. Then her mother got sick. It turned out the bards couldn’t help her. The temples wouldn’t with out money. The monks however would. It was one of those moments when you look inwards. Suddenly she realised that to be in high spirits is a good thing, but to be in good health is far more important. That’s not to say she’s given up on music, it’s just a hobby for her now rather than her career. She’s not exactly mastered the Martial Arts yet, but she knows the basics and will get there. She’s always the first to offer aid and always cheerful no matter what.


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