Human Male level 9 fighter


A middle aged man happy to spend his time around the recruits. He fights with a spear mostly and wear’s a light chain shirt over his broad frame. He’s clearly capable of holding a line and would naturally take position behind a shield wall.


Technically Jonathan runs the house, but he’s not really all that strict. It doesn’t matter to him what state anyone’s room is as long as the kitchen and loft are kept tidy and doors are kept shut. But he’s from hardy folk, raised in the Dalelands with the constant threat of invasion. To hear him on the pared ground is a massive difference to how he behaves around the house. He likes a drink from time to time and pulls extra training duty to make sure he can afford the habit. But he’s always generous and you know you can rely on him to shout you a flagon if times are tough. He also has some good war stories, he seems naturally able to inspire and lead. At the age for forty-three it is doubtful he ever will. Still you know that being in his house does your reputation no harm and you’ve heard of much worse people to answer too.


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