Human Male Level 5 Fighter


The tall slim archer seems oddly out of place, standing just over 6 foot tall with thin black hair and dark brown eyes and very little apparent strength to his frame. Looks can be deceiving though and he fights comfortably with short sword and shield when he’s not using his bow. He wears studded leather when he’s working, and when he isn’t. It looks well worn and battered but it is still in good condition just old.


From the dale lands he lived for a long time on his wits awaiting for the chance to fight back. When Polandara’s army arrived to push back the Zhentil forces he happily joined them, he showed them places where they could take advantage of the terrain, where they could sneak around out of sight of their foes. He enjoyed the way her army worked and when they came back to Waterdeep he travelled with them and has stayed till this day. He cooks a mean rabbit stew and is happy to take a turn in the kitchen to demonstrate it.


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