Kalasali "Dragon Wild Shadow"

Elven Male Leve ? Fighter


His silver hair is kept cut short and his green eyes are normally jovial. He wears a suit of elven chainmail and carries a long sword which has a slight blue glow around it. His small round shield has an arrow painted on it with green flights, the symbol of his wife’s god Solonor. He is rarely seen without Lalys “Night Breeze” by his side and is normally holding her hand.


The long-time lover of Lalys “Night Breeze” eventually marrying her. Though they remain childless they have lived happily together for nearly three hundred years now. He was the son of the previous leader of the camp but when his mother passed he let his childhood friend Eilrad take the lead. He’s a follower not a leader but very dependable and loyal and happy to make decisions when needed.

Kalasali "Dragon Wild Shadow"

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