Kendrell Zanth

Half Elf Female Bard Level 11


Golden hair, golden eyes and a body to die for, this Bard checks all the boxes when it comes to hiring an entertainer. She sometimes still wears tight leathers but has recently moved to black velvet skirt and a black silk shirt. However with her golden hair and either a long purple cloak or her black velvet cape with purple lace she’s always easy to spot in a crowd. She sometimes carried a lute but you rarely see visible weapons on her.


She was cast out as a child, her father an unknown elf, her mother a disgrace to her family and husband. So Kendrell had to make do on the streets and her bad decisions led her to a common place for runaways. She wound up on the Pirate Isles in the Sea of Fallen Stars selling the only thing that she had. She didn’t enjoy it but it put food in her stomach and as bad as her life had been she wasn’t willing to give up on it.

She learned to sing, dance and tell stories in the dock front taverns of Gillur to differentiate herself from the other working girls and though she was slower to mature than the human girls her golden hair and eyes were somewhat appealing to the customers

She considered meeting Tamius her first stroke of luck, he effectively bought her rather than rented her and took her away. He told her that he loved her and they were married, all the while he had an old bard that travelled with him train her. The old bard had wandering hands, when she told Tamius of this he just laughed and said “We have to pay him somehow” and that was when she knew she didn’t have the freedom she thought she had. She was still stuck in the same line of work, but with a husband who told her he loved her and who always seemed to stay true.

The Sea of Fallen Stars became a dangerous place for Tamius so the couple sold up, travelled to the Sword Coast, bought a new boat and sailed out to the smaller collection of Pirate Isles there. She wrongly thought this would give her a fresh start but nothing really changed. At least her husband was loyal to her, right up to the point she found out he was sleeping with some noble lady, that’s what eventually made her betray him, and explains why she is where she is today, the newest member of the Fire Meads Crew

Kendrell Zanth

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