Kiran Loadar

Human Male level 8 Monk


A pale young man who looks more suited behind a desk than adventuring but Kiran is athletic, he just hides it well. He could fit in within most levels of society but he gives the impression of coming from money.


No one ever took Kiran seriously before. Who would? He was a rich kid who liked to spend his time spending his money. Of course that’s before he met her. She was just a maid you see, not of his class. But she was everything he ever wanted. Everything he couldn’t have. When his parents found out about her they had her fired and ensured that she’d never get a job within the city again. He spent months looking for her only to eventually find her in the City Of The Dead. He needed somewhere to go after that, somewhere to clear his mind, to find himself. The Monastery seemed like the perfect retreat and it was. Turns out he is actually good for something after all, that beneath the shallow exterior beats the heart of a man that cares. With time he may be able to forgive his family, but for now he doesn’t even contact them.

Kiran Loadar

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