Kyanis "Ruby Dawn"

Elven Female Level 6 Fighter Level 6 Rogue


People don’t normally see a lot of her, she tends to be fairly well covered by the hooded green robes she wears. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of black leather underneath and every so often, at a feast day or maybe the tournament, she has her hood down and her golden hair and eyes shine brightly in stark contrast.


She was one of Polandara‘s original followers, one of the few that didn’t arrive with Laressa Larin but someone who’d been living in Waterdeep for a long time. While people normally go to Yvonne for advice about the city Kyanis would always be another good choice. She keeps very much to her self and even her house mates speak to her rarely but she is one of the best scouts in the army. She doesn’t appear to be armed but she sometimes trains people with a shortsword and during the battle for Dagger Dale she was supposedly devastating with her Shortbow.

Kyanis "Ruby Dawn"

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