Lalys "Night Breeze"

Elven Female Level ? Cleric of Solonor Thelandira


Her long black hair is held back by a silver looking circlet and she wears bracelets of what seems to be the same material with these and a necklace with an arrow pendant on it. They are the only adornments she wears along with her black dress and black leather boots. Her eyes are blue and normally full of joy but when she’s serious they seem as cold as ice. A composite bow is the only weapon she is seen with along with a quiver of silver tipped sheaf arrows. She is rarely seen far from her husband Kalasali “Dragon Wild Shadow” and is often seen holding his hand.


Her parents were both priests of Solonor so it was in her blood that she would follow him too. She’s wise and devout and knows nearly as much about hunting and survival as the ranger Eilrad “Blue Leaf” does. She met Kalasali “Dragon Wild Shadow” when he was young and waited until he was old enough for her to pursue. She fell in love with him at first sight and has done everything possible to keep his attention on her, luckily her affection is returned and they are the definition of a happy couple. Her spells keep the borders of the camp safe and her wisdom guides many of the decisions that Eilrad “Blue Leaf” makes

Lalys "Night Breeze"

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