Laranthan Sweetsong

Elf Female Level 12 Bard


The dark haired Gold Elf shows none of the signs of age she should have by the years she has lived but such is the way of her people. The clothes she wears are simple enough but seem to have been gathered from all across the realms, the style mismatch not obvious to many, only to those who have travelled equally.

Standing just 5ft tall and of traditional elven build the bard is agile and graceful. She caries just a single shortsword at her side and a small harp on her back. Her cloak is of green cotton and lined with soft furs, though she doesn’t wear it often, not feeling the cold as much as humans do.


She has travelled far and wide, she journeyed with the slayers of The Vampire Kings for a short while too and she has many stories to tell. She has been in and out of Waterdeep a lot through the years with even the odd generation gap between her visits. This has led to a rumour that her name is just a title that many have used but in truth it has always been just her.

She has semi retired to running a tavern now, which also functions as a school for her apprentice bards. Three bright students she wishes to pass her legacy down to and she plans to teach more once they have moved on.

She’s one of the few people in Waterdeep that can shout at Polandara in total safety, such is the bond they have. What keeps the wise and delicate bard attached to the young and forceful warrior is unknown but the pair have established a family like relationship, despite the age gap they act like sisters with Polandara seeming to take the place of the elder.

Laranthan Sweetsong

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