Laressa Larin

Human Female. Level 7 Fighter


She looks a bit like Polandara, perhaps a bit broader of the shoulder, definitely a bit shorter and with a massive scar running down her cheek. She wears White Dragonscale Armour at all times and carries a broadsword and shield with her.


Polandara’s cousin. She’s an expert tactician and is able to craft dragon-scale armour. Good skills for anyone to have and Polandara will defer to her when it comes to initial plans. Polandara is better at thinking on her feet and they work very well together. It is rare that she is in the battles though as her talents off the field are far more important than those on it. She also plans the general training of all the troops, organises the tournaments, arranges housing and monitors the credits given for each task. Without her it is likely the place would descend into chaos very fast.

Laressa Larin

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