Lathas "Night Harper"

Elf Female Level 1 Ranger (Warden)


Wearing a long dark blue velvet coat over her studded leather armour with a shortsword and curved dagger on her belt and shortbow and quiver over her back. Her black hair worn in a single pony tail and her violet eyes attract the attention most she passes.


Growing up in the ruins of Myth Dranor in the small community there she trained as a ranger. There was no denying that the community was getting too large so when Korihel said she was going to Waterdeep to join Zydre she jumped at the chance.

Her fighting style:-

She’s really good at breaking down someones defense with methodical offense. It often feels like using a shield against her is just weighing down your own arm.

Her personality:-

She is very self deprecating, she doesn’t recognise her own beauty or level of skill and sees more good in others than in herself.

Lathas "Night Harper"

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