Lyra Angel

Half Elf Female level 1 Monk, Level ? ?


She is still shy though and will often hide from visitors to the Monastery but not from the other monks. Her shocking resemblance to Tanalayus is plain for everyone to see, but there is no blood ties there.


She’s a normally shy girl that somehow knows all the gossip. If you hear her talking about one of you deepest secrets it’s surprising, but not to the Monks of the Mist Dragon who are used to it by now. Merala trusts her, and that seems to be enough for them but it is still a bit of an uneasy feeling that you get when she says what’s on your mind before you have a chance to.

Her style is defensive but very effective, her ability to read her opponent is like that of no other, even able to anticipate Evin’s seemingly erratic style. She never leaves the Monastery and yet is well informed of current affairs. It is known that she was brought in from a troubled past and that the structure and discipline of the order has turned her life around.

Lyra Angel

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