Mysterious Elf

Elven? Male? Level?


Few have seen anything of the mysterious elf that lives within Polandara’s compound. He has a coach house to himself by the entrance nearest to the pond and park area and is normally seen as a shadow moving around at night.

For those that have seen his face it is black, his hair is white, almost shoulder length and his eyes are bright red. The hilt of a dagger sticks out from each boot, another two sheathed on each thigh and across his back he has two Warhammers strapped. His dark red cloak seems to blend into the shadows better than a black one would and his soft suede boots make no sound.


He keeps to himself, the only people that have regularly spoken to him are Glide, Faldkor and Polandara Larin. He seems to have an affinity with animals and skills in the world of espionage which many would consider an odd combination. He does most of his work at night and a lot of this “work” seems to be collecting and distributing information through contacts though he does take the odd patrol of the compound when he needs a walk. Its hard to know what relationship he has with Glide and Faldkor but he has ever been a loyal follower of Polandara Larin which is why the other leaders tolerate him. Though he has no authority it seems only one person has authority over him.

Mysterious Elf

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