Human Male. Level 7 Fighter, Level 8 Priest


He hunts undead mostly and carries a Bastard Sword and Footmans Flail for that task. He wears chain armour and carries a large shield with the symbol of helm embossed in bronze on the front. His face is plain and his eyes are hardened but he does laugh at times, rare times.


There are many that believe Notorian shouldn’t hold his rank. Polandara is clearly not among them though. He is an adventurer, pure and simple. He is rarely in the compound and when he is he is normally just back to store away something he has looted. He has knowledge of many areas of the realms and how to deal with a lot of its less natural creatures. Some of the items he has retrieved have brought great status to Polandara though as she has been able to pass them to the descendants of the undead that carried them with the help of Laranthan’s bardic knowledge. Many believe that as a battle priest he should remain with the army but Polandara seems happy for him to continue pursuing his passion. She knows that if the situation required it he would fight alongside the army but she hasn’t had to use her full force since the fight outside the city gates.


The Four Cynic Cynic