Human Male Level 1 Fighter


The platemail, the long sword, the shield with the family crest, the long blond hair and the deep blue eyes gives Paranon the appearance of a walking cliché. He’s what you’d imagine a fighter to be if you were reading a fairy tale and he seems to live up to the image when he talks. A clear voice and an intelligent but polite tone, hard to find a flaw.


The young man grew up dreaming of adventure, wanting to be the best and when he was in his teen years a group of heroes put the Vampire Kings on the shelf, so that group became the centre of his world. Polandara was the fighter in the group, and she was local so it was logical that he’d pick her as his idol, and he cant see anything wrong in anything she does. He’s some how managed to live to his early twenties and still see the world as being only black and white and as much as people try and change his opinion most people seem to like him that way, it’s almost endearing.


The Four Cynic Cynic