Human Male Level 1 Fighter


He’s tall with long dark hair that he ties up in a ponytail and he moves with the grace of a dancer. While he’s on duty he wears his armour and when he’s off duty he wears smart linen clothes but which ever he is wearing he wears a wolf skin cloak over the top.


He was raised by a family of hunters, a family he always thought was his own. It wasn’t till he was in his teens that he found out he was adopted. His real family was killed in a goblin attack, his father, mother and older sister. He decided to make it his life goal to find this group of goblins and deal with them in the most violent manner he could. This all fell apart when he learned that someone already had. One of the names of that group of heroes stuck with him, Polandara a tall warrior who protects others and has done many other heroic deeds, but the justice she dealt to those goblins is the reason he decided to follow her. He joined her so that no family would ever have to suffer in the way his did


The Four Cynic Cynic