Polandara Larin

Leader of one of the compounds


Polandara can certainly be considered beautiful with her long black hair and her deep blue eyes but despite her beauty its her height that normally draws attention. Standing 6ft6 she has to duck to go through doors and towers above most men.

Usually seen walking around in her red Dragonscale armour with her claymore on her back and the Dark Axe hanging from her waist she certainly looks dangerous but during the feast times she’s often seen in red silk at noble parties acting every inch the lady.


Polandara comes from fairly low beginnings, not from the bottom of the pile but as the daughter of a merchant who traded along the sword coast. Her mother had been a trophy wife but she wanted her daughter to do well in the city, to live off her own merits not from her beauty. At an early age she was schooled in law and she also learnt a lot of heraldry in the process. At the same time as learning this she was supposedly helping her brother train to be a fighter. The only trouble was she was naturally more agile than him and though she was younger she was soon taller and stronger than him as well. It was around this time her mother became sick and she took her care upon herself. Her brother and father carried on with the family business while she cared for her mother and even one time defended her from attack and their house from burglary.

Her mother didn’t live through the next winter though and she joined her brother on the road rather than her father. She always held a bit of resentment for him leaving his wife to die alone while he kept the business running, despite the obvious need for the money he provided. By the age of 17 she was drawing money as a caravan guard, and not just for her family. Soon she was looking for more, for adventure. She found that with a Halfling and a Monk when they first set out to rid the woods outside the city. The trio worked together for many years with others joining and leaving their ranks until the Halfling settled down to run the temple she had set up.

The black weapons had now been gathered and the rest is well documented history, at least until the death of the Vampire Kings. After the biggest threat to the realms had been removed what is a warrior to do? Polandara decided it was a time to go back to her law and politics of her past and start training other warriors to do the saving. She will always be ready to fight should the situation command it but now she fights for justice within the court rooms and in noble circles rather than on the battlefield.

Polandara Larin

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