Ruby Firehold

Dwarf Female Level 6 Fighter


The first thing to notice is that she doesn’t have a beard, which is fairly common among female dwarves living above ground and gives a clue to her upbringing. She has flame red hair, just like her uncle Granite Firehold but is slightly taller. She carries two throwing hammers, her favourite warhammer, mythril with a red leather grip, a large round shield and her repeating dwarven crossbow. She wear’s chainmail most of the time but has a suit of magical platemail that she wears when she knows combat is inevitable.


She only came to Waterdeep to see the work her uncle was doing in a human compound and was impressed. She had never seen progress moving so quickly and Granite Firehold advised it wasn’t just his work but other races histories within the compound combining together. So she decided to stay for a while and enjoy the exchange of ideas. Her skills include

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armoursmithing
  • Blacksmithing
  • Engineering
  • Blind Fighting


  • Full Plate +1
  • Body Shield +1
  • Warhammer (Mythril) +3
  • 20 Blessed Bolts
  • Repeating Crossbow (3/2 RoF)
  • 2 fine steal throwing hammers

Her fighting style:-

Ruby likes to live on the razors edge and that is typified in her fighting style, aggressive and risky are two good words to describe it.

Her personality:-

She gets frustrated by the slow moving pace of the dwarven culture she likes change, embraces it and the challenges it brings. She fits in well within the compound and comes across as the least “dwarven” dwarf that you know. She wants to learn other cultures and other ways of being but also enjoys adventuring a lot so she has to fit these lessons in during her short stays within the compound.

Ruby Firehold

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