Simian Darksoul

Human Male Level 7 fighter, level 7 monk


A regal looking man but with many battle scars at such an age. Simian has seen his share of war as a mercenary and the signs are obvious. Though he wears the robs of a monk he carries his broadsword on his hip still and it is doubtful that his armour has been truly forgotten.


Simian met up with the head of the order when his mercenary unit was in danger. Something clicked that day and Simian knew that it was a life changing moment. Of course the true past of Simian took a long time to come out. Just what was he running from when he joined the mercenary unit in the first place? What does any young man run from? The answer is responsibility. He was the eldest noble son in Silverymoon and he had no intention of taking over the running of the estate. Thinking that if he avoided the path of wizardry and took up as a common mercenary then the position would be passed to his younger brother. It had never occurred to him to join a monastery before and its probably just as well. Without those years in the world seeing the torment that others have to live through he likely wouldn’t have stuck out the training. But life has taught him how cruel fate can be. He helps soften the blows that life deals now, working hard to turn one of his family estates into a Monastery in Silverymoon falling directly under the order.

Simian Darksoul

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