Sir Galdin

Human Male. Level 10 Figher


His face bears a few small scars and his hair has started to desert his head so the rest has been left cut short. This ageing veteran has knowledge under his belt to counteract the wear of time on him. He normally wears his platemail armour which has a mane of a Griffon from the helm as it’s plume. Some say it’s to cover for the loss of his own hair, but only quietly and never to his face.


Sir Galdin led a mercenary unit, which was often involved in the same wars as Laressa’s. The difference being he was usually on the other side. There wasn’t any real animosity as both sides were mercenaries and both were good at their job. He’s a recent addition to Polandara’s army. Shadowdale hired him during the recent issues in the Dale Lands and seeing the army united under Polandara felt the need to be part of it. His rank for now is Lieutenant as his motivations could be suspect but he is proving himself well. He didn’t bring any of his men with him when he joined though; they were still after the money they could make in the political turmoil of the Dales.

Sir Galdin

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