Human Male Level 12 Fighter


He stands just over six and a half foot tall, with long red braided hair and a red braided beard with the same blue eyes as his older sister Talene. He carries a large two handed butterfly axe strapped across his back over a shield and a hand axe hangs from his belt along with a large hunting knife. He wears his white bear hides with pride and his cloak is made of several snow leopard skins and reaches to the floor with a hood to cover him fully in the cold.


Allegedly his clan runs across the great glacier, where no one could reasonably survive. His blood friend Rellan and his older sister Talene needed to leave the village to follow their dreams and he couldn’t imagine living without them so he went too. It’s probably a good thing he did as he’s good with people, at least compared to the others, and much more socially minded. He’s happy to follow Polandara because he likes the community spirit in her compound and they were all put in one house, which keeps him happy. He likes carving when he gets the time, able to work in wood and animal bones, what ever he has to hand.


The Four Cynic Cynic