Tarn Hammerson

Human Male level 7 Monk


A large man with a gentle face, that’s how most would describe Tarn. He always seems to be busy fixing stuff, anything that’s broken it seems he can turn his hand to. He wears a smiths apron over his robes a lot of the time and he normally has an axe or a hammer to hand.


Being the second son to a tradesman really doesn’t help much. He was raised by the smith and is in many ways better than his brother. But as the youngest son he needed to find a new role in life. He still wanted to fix things, but he didn’t want to go into competition with his brother. He often would help out people he knew in the area for low amounts, not just smithing but general maintenance work on buildings too. It was when he was repairing a roof in the docks that he saw the Monastery for the first time. He knew of it, knew of the Head Monk that’s for sure, but living in the north of the city had never seen it. He was amazed by the general look of the building and could appreciate the work that went into it but he still didn’t know what it was they did there. He figured it couldn’t hurt to ask to be shown around and while he was in there talking he discovered that their way of life seemed simple to him. Part of it he did already, helping others and taking only what they could pay. But what really interested him was that he could learn more of himself. He’d never really thought of such things before, or made snap decisions either. But he decided then and there that he would join up. So far it’s suited him and he’s definitely a handy man to have around.

Tarn Hammerson

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