Human Male Level 1 Fighter


He shaves his head but his eyebrows hint that he is likely to be blonde. His eyes are green and piercing, not as piercing as the hand claws he fights with and carries hung from his belt. He wears hide armour when he’s prepared for a fight and just plain woollens when he isn’t but he is never without the claws. He stands just under six foot tall but when entering combat he falls into a crouch that makes him look much smaller. When travelling out of the city he carries two belts of throwing knives which he crosses over his chest.


He’s another one of those people that just turned up one day, maybe Polandara knows where he came from but she hasn’t told anyone else. He has skills in the kitchen that make him popular in his house and a generosity that makes him popular in the tavern.


The Four Cynic Cynic